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The Rosebay, Surabaya

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Rooms with a View

Story by Anton Adianto | Photo by Bagus Tri Laksono & Intiland Doc.

Most Indonesian people still opt for a landed house for living quarters, including those in Surabaya. Given that the price of land to build comfortable housing has soared in recent years, the noted developer Intiland has come up with a brilliant solution: The Rosebay, a low-rise residence with a resort-like character and amazing design. Sitting snugly amid its natural surroundings, the compound offers the essentials for happiness to tenants. The urban dream of a luxurious house in the best location without having to empty the wallet or changing lifestyles can be realized here.

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The Rosebay, Surabaya


Luxurious by Nature

Story by Anton Adianto | Photo by Bagus Tri Laksono & Intiland Doc.

As a developing metropolis, Surabaya is familiar with the problem of land scarcity, which means that a strategic location is something that is extremely hard to find. This has led to skyrocketing land prices in favoured locations, such as West Surabaya, one of the best residential areas in the capital city of East Java. Since many believe that living in a landed house is more comfortable than a vertical housing compound; Intiland has come up with its latest offering, The Rosebay, a low-rise residential compound featuring a resort ambience that is also nature-friendly.

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This article was published in the Indonesia Design magazine (77thEdition) in 2016.

Maya Sanur Resort & Spa, Bali


Hills by the Sea

Story by Anton Adianto | Photo by Bagus Tri Laksono & Maya Sanur Resort & Spa Doc.

Long before other beaches in Bali became famous as tourist destinations, Sanur was already established as a sought after holiday spot as long ago as the 1930’s. The name became even more alluring when a Belgian painter, A.J. Le Mayeur, decided to call Sanur his home and lived there with his wife from 1937. Sanur’s 3 km stretch of sandy beach that faces east towards Nusa Penida Island is a key part of its charm where every morning visitors are treated to a dramatic Bali sunrise. Maya Sanur Resort & Spa is the latest offering in Sanur’s leisure portfolio that capitalizes on its seaside beauty. Setting itself apart from the rows of 5-star beachfront resorts in the area, this property flawlessly applies the eco-friendly concepts both in philosophy and function throughout its hill-like setting.

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This article was published in the Indonesia Design magazine (71st Edition) in 2015.

Interview: Paulus Mintarga for Greenhost Boutique Hotel, Yogyakarta


Art of Green Living

Interview by Anton Adianto | Photo by Bagus Tri Laksono & Greenhost Boutique Hotel Doc.

Greenhost Boutique Hotel, the latest new hotel on Jalan Prawirotaman, Yogyakarta, has an interesting story to tell. It features a lush green design that combines architecture and art in a perfect synergy. This beautiful collaboration was born out of a similar spirit, says Paulus Mintarga, the designer in charge of the creation of the four-story hotel. He sat with Anton Adianto to share his ideas about the green building philosophy, sustainability in design, the challenges he had to face, and how he applies artistic elements in his design.


This article was published in the Indonesia Design magazine (70thEdition) in 2015.

Oxygen Eco-Tower, Jakarta


A Green Dreamland

Story by Anton Adianto | Photo by Progetto CMR Doc.

Jakarta will soon see a beautiful dream realized on its soil, where a spectacularly designed yet environmentally sound vertical villa will be erected in the heart of the city. Designed by Italy’s Progetto CMR, the concept of Oxygen Eco-Tower dazzled the people when it won the 2015 MIPIM Awards which was held in Cannes last March. It was bestowed with the “People’s Choice Award,” sidelining tens of other entries during the prestigious event.


This article was published in the Indonesia Design magazine (69th Edition) in 2015.