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Furniture Product: Dedon

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A Journey of the Outdoor Experience

Story by Anton Adianto | Photo by Dedon Doc.

Dedon, founded in Boby Dekeyser in 1990 out of his love for the outdoors, has flourished over three decades due to Dekeyser’s singular thinking on how to pursue the best quality products. The company has expanded globally by creating various state-of-the art woven outdoor furniture pieces that combine modern technology and luxurious hand craftsmanship.

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This article was published in the Indonesia Design magazine (78th Edition) in 2016.


Furniture Product: Pranoto Mongso Chairs

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Chairs of Flair

Story by Anton Adianto | Photo by Levendig Doc.

In line with a commitment to preserve the nation’s heritage, Levendig includes visual elements of Indonesian culture in each of its innovations. In doing so, the interior design and-architecture firm allows its products to stand out with an internationally competitive edge. One of Levendig’s efforts to globally introduce Indonesian culture is by showcasing the designs of 12 chairs that feature 12 batik patterns unique to cities across Java, in a collection called “Pranoto Mongso”.

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This article was published in the Indonesia Design magazine (13th Anniversary Edition) in 2016.

Milimeter Architecture Model-Maket, Surabaya

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Size Does Matter

Story by Anton Adianto | Photo by Bagus Tri Laksono & Milimeter Doc.

Big things have small beginnings. This is the case with Milimeter, a Surabaya-based company that produces architectural models. With 28 years of experience in making thousands of models, the company has proven that building mock-ups leads to big results, though the patience and hard work of its employees.

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This article was published in the Indonesia Design magazine (77thEdition) in 2016.

Estica International Factory, Surabaya


Technical Beauty

Story by Anton Adianto | Photo by Bagus Tri Laksono & Technal Doc.

Technology is inseparable from the construction of a building. One problem faced by designers is how to present an attractive façade and interior design that feature the latest in technology all without lessening the aesthetic value of the building. Estica International aims to solve the problem with its state-of-the-art aluminum products, including Technal, Armorshield, Renson, Vertex and Vento. Indonesia Design visited its factory in Surabaya and saw first-hand how these amazing products were manufactured.


This article was published in the Indonesia Design magazine (77thEdition) in 2016.

BNB Showroom & Warehouse, Sidoarjo & Bogor


Heart of Stone

Story by Anton Adianto | Photo by Bian Niaga Batuan Doc. & Bagus Tri Laksono

Starting business 25 years ago by marketing marble and installing its products at construction projects, Bian Niaga Batuan or BNB, has evolved into a major player in the global marble and granite industry. In a class by itself; BNB has developed two buildings in Buduran and Gedangan in Sidoarjo, East Java, to better present its image. The buildings appear quite different from the showrooms or warehouses of the firm’s counterparts in the marble industry–and also feature elements of refined art in their design.

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This article was published in the Indonesia Design magazine (77thEdition) in 2016.

A Story of Movie Posters


That Thing You Drew

Story by Anton Adianto 

For many people, unwinding on the weekend with a good movie in a cozy cinema is a luxury that is guaranteed to wash away the fatigue and stress caused by their daily workloads. Stepping inside the theater building, moviegoers are immediately distracted by a wide selection of film posters. Posters are one of the most effective promotional tools for a film, usually created with bold designs and with a history that dates back almost a century.


This article was published in the Indonesia Design magazine (76thEdition) in 2016.

Health Product: Zerobody and NuRelax by Starpool


Defying Gravity

Story by Anton Adianto | Photo by Starpool Doc.

To counter the hectic pace of modern life, an activity that can induce calmness as well as promote physical and mental health is everybody’s dream and practices. For example, yoga, spa relaxation, and meditation are increasingly popular these days for precisely that reason. Today, after extensive scientific studies, another modern method of relaxation has been introduced. Created to alleviate the pressures of our daily chores, Zerobody and NuRelax are the latest breakthrough products from Starpool.


This article was published in the Indonesia Design magazine (76thEdition) in 2016.