About Me



My name is Anton Adianto, former Editor-in-Chief of Movie Monthly magazine, an independent movie magazine that was created since 2002. Before that I worked as an Executive Editor at the Cinemags movie magazine since 2000-2002. Besides the film media and industry that became my hobby, I was actually an architect graduated from Parahyangan Catholic University, class of 1993.

Since 2013, I have been working as Managing Editor for Indonesia Design magazine, a design and lifestyle magazine in Jakarta. My background as an architect helps me develop and broaden my skills in journalism, especially related to design, architecture, interior design, travel, art and lifestyle.

This blog content represents me as an individual, may not necessarily reflect the views from the place I work. Some posts I took from my own writings in the magazines I mentioned before, but the rest of the contents are an expression from my personal opinions related to my social interactions, activities and thoughts. In addition, there are some posts that display my portfolio of writings that have been published in Indonesia Design and Movie Monthly magazine.

Hopefully the contents and writings on this website are pleasing to those who read it, although honestly I dedicate the pages as my own personal blog. Please enjoy and happy reading!

Anton Adianto

PS: You may check my LinkedIn if you need more information about me…