Bank Indonesia Museum

13th Anniv_BI Museum-1 (Copy)

Securing the National Treasure

Story by Solichin Gunawan & Anton Adianto | Photo by Solichin Gunawan & Atelier 6 Interior Doc.

One of Bank of Indonesia’s missions is to conserve a piece of history and national treasure in the fields of architecture and culture by restoring and reusing the Headquarters of the Bank of Indonesia in the Jakarta’s Old Town as a museum. This idea sprouted from the hope that the building would act as a catalyst in the process of revamping the Old Town area into a historical site that can play an important part in the city’s life. In addition to playing a big part in the history of Jakarta, the building is also expected to beautify the face and fortifies the identity and character of the capital, which are getting more and more obscure amidst the uniformity found in the development of today’s cities.

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This article was published in the Indonesia Design magazine (13th Anniversary Edition) in 2016.


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