Interview: Monica Sutjih from Mardia Cipta


The Iron Lady

Interview by Anton Adianto | Photo by Bagus Tri Laksono & Monica Sutjih Doc.

It’s no easy task to find a woman breaking through the glass ceiling of the design world in Indonesia. Monica Sutjih, with more than 30 years of experience as a contractor, is such a woman, with notable works that include the renovation of the Majapahit Hotel, as well as the Westin Hotel, which was rebranded as the JW Marriot Hotel Surabaya. Monica is used to managing hundreds of employees. Yet she is not above visiting the sites to ensure all the details she has envisioned are realised. Throughout her career, Monica has established a standard of design that reflects a penchant for the natural, making a name for herself as an architect and interior designer keen on adding rustic and industrial-style approaches to her works, most of which are boutique designs.

This article was published in the Indonesia Design magazine (77thEdition) in 2016.


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