Painting Product: Marquetry Painting by Madero International


The Crafty Artistry

Story by Anton Adianto | Photo by Madero International Doc.

Art is art, regardless of the medium, style or technique. The art of marquetry, which has been known in Europe since the 18th century is relatively unheard of in Indonesia. Yet, as a form of art, marquetry should be given serious consideration because works of art using finely detailed veneer decoration have fetched up to USD 25,000 a piece. Some of the best marquetry paintings to find their way into the Indonesian art scene come from Semarang under the flag of Madero International. It is the level of precision needed to produce such intricate detail that draws attention to this decorative art.

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This article was published in the Indonesia Design magazine (74th Edition) in 2016.


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