Interview: Sonny and Aditya K. Njonoriswondo from Sonny & Sons Architect Consultant


Modern Family

Interview by Anton Adianto | Photo by Bagus Tri Laksono and Sonny & Sons Architect Consultant Doc.

Not many designers are able to create a pretty look for a building when they attempt to combine luxury and modernity — in reality this is easier said than done. Many people seem to think that the beauty of a luxury design has to come from a certain brand of architecture, namely classical-style architecture. However, a harmonious collaboration between two architects, Sonny Njonoriswondo and Aditya K. Njonoriswondo, has managed to achieve a distinctive interpretation of luxury and modernity, clad in a minimalist accent and with a tropical spirit. The distinct characters of this father and son duo – who initially had differing styles of work – have combined successfully in W Villa to create a spectacular, modern-style design.


This article was published in the Indonesia Design magazine (73rd Edition) in 2016.


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