Musical Product: VirageAwie


As the Music Plays

Story By Anton Adianto | Photo By Indonesian Bamboo Community & H.M. Lutfhi

For many centuries, bamboo has been recognized as a strong, fast-growing, utilitarian plant that can withstand the passage of time. In Indonesia, bamboo is known as a fairly basic material which is used in buildings and other products in a variety of applications. The woody plant that is included in the grass family Poaceae grows in abundance and is found growing throughout the country. From the total of 1,200 known species of bamboo that are spread all over the world, around 140 species can be found in Indonesia. It is perhaps no surprise then to find that in addition to its more traditional uses, bamboo is now being used as an innovative and fashionable material by the Indonesian Bamboo Community to make musical instruments, sold under the VirageAwie brand.


This article was published in the Indonesia Design magazine (12th Anniversary Edition) in 2015.


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