Museum Batik Yogyakarta, De Mata & De Arca Museum, Yogyakarta



Timeless Treasure

Story by Anton Adianto | Photo by Museum Batik Yogyakarta & Anton Adianto

Yogyakarta is inseparable in people’s minds from the warm hospitality of its people. In late October 2014, the city had the honour to be chosen as the World’s Batik City by the World Craft Council (WCC). This followed UNESCO’s decision in 2009 to add batik to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Fifty years ago, however, a batik enthusiast called Hadi Nugroho had already started the journey of reviving and preserving batik as an art form that sets itself apart from other mass produced goods. This man’s labour of love in preserving the authenticity of batik led to the creation of the Museum Batik Yogyakarta, a treasure trove filled with thousands of batik collections along with the tools and equipment used to make the traditional cloths, which have been hand-made in Java for hundreds of years. The museum’s fabrics and artifacts offer visitors a humble and insightful glimpse into the world of batik.


New Different Dimension

Story by Anton Adianto | Photo by De MATA & De ARCA Doc.

Yogyakarta is not only known for the traditional ambience that its name has long been synonymous with, Yogyakarta these days is also known as a thriving center of creativity. It is no surprise then that visitors to the city should search out the De MATA Trick Eye Museum and the De ARCA Statue Art Museum, two modern attractions that are located very close to one another. These latest additions to the city’s tourist spots are already proving very popular with young travellers looking to sample a fresh treat during their visit to Yogyakarta.


This article was published in the Indonesia Design magazine (70thEdition) in 2015.


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