World’s 10 Most Valuable Buildings


World’s Most Valuable Buildings

Story by Anton Adianto

It is not easy to define luxury in a few simple words. In fact, something deemed luxurious at the moment might be a object, or even a ‘mass luxury’ in the next 10 years. Luxury does not last, and trying to measure the state of luxury might feel absurd, especially when we have to explain it in detail.

Truthfully, when talking about luxury almost 100% of its aspects is linked to exorbitant prices. So, to make matters simpler we have selected a list of ten of the most expensive buildings in the world—to stress the extravagance and opulence associated with luxury. The obvious criterion to make it on this list is the cost of construction. Although not many of the following projects are willing to disclose their expenditures in detail, we have managed to come up with a valid estimate of the numbers, and are sharing them with you here…

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This article was published in the Indonesia Design magazine (11th Anniversary Edition) in 2014.


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