BANK INDONESIA BUILDING JAKARTA [Indonesia Design – 10th Anniversary Edition]

Indonesia Design - 10th Anniversary [Bank Indonesia]

The late Silaban designed Thamrin Building of Bank Indonesia with a strong pattern as accent, as seen in the vertical columns filled with an array of square shapes that forms a grid which functions as sunscreen around the building. The grid covers large glasses inside. This pattern appears strong and in contrast with the saddle roof, which actually was about to be removed by then President Soekarno during the building’s construction. It is in this main building that the Governor of Bank Indonesia works and the area is not open for public, except for the press conference area for reporters and journalists. Therefore it is our great honor to be able to capture images of the building’s interior throughout the main lobby that faces Jalan M.H. Thamrin.


Waka Gangga Bali

Indonesia Design - 10th Anniversary [Waka Gangga]

Located on a stretch of land on Jalan Pantai, Tabanan-Sudimara, Bali, the WakaGangga project development is combining two concepts: resort and residences. The work has been going on since 2012 and the newly renovated resort is planned to open in October 2013. Previously, amidst the sloping rice terraces, several bungalows stood facing the glorious beach with its glistening black sand. Inside are beautifully appointed rooms with king size beds, blending seamlessly with the fresh smell of greeneries and gentle sea breeze.

This article was published in the Indonesia Design magazine (10th Anniversary Edition) in 2015.

SOUTH QUARTER JAKARTA [Indonesia Design – 10th Anniversary Edition]

Indonesia Design - 10th Anniversary [South Quarter]

Intiland’s main goal for South Quarter is to build a mixed-use area that combines office blocks, an apartment and a retail area that is environmentally friendly. Watkins Consultants, known for its phenomenal masterpiece, Dubai’s Burj al Arab in United Arab Emirates, is commissioned to plan the project. This upcoming project will focus on the elements of green building and creating a comfortable haven through its breathtaking design.

KRISTUS RAJA CHURCH, JAKARTA [Indonesia Design – 57th Edition]

Indonesia Design - 57 (Kristus Raja Church)

The church’s green roof is designed to be shaped like a leaf; people in the community actually refer to it as “The Leaf Church”. Quoring Romo Thomas Aquinas Murdjanto Rochadi Widagdo Pr., Head Priest of Christ the King Church, says that many followers of the Catholic Church from other parishes gather at the church in Pejompongan, Jakarta. “The church is like an oasis in the middle of the very congested Jakarta,” said architect Sindhu Hadiprana. In his redesigning of the church, he implemented the concept of a secluded haven for worship in order to feel closer to the almighty.